Clinical Psychologist in Buckinghamshire


My name is Dr Paul Osler and I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist offering assessment and therapy from consulting rooms in Uxbridge. I work with who have a wide range of difficulties or concerns, who are interested inf trying to find a way forward with their difficulties. 

The idea of therapy may feel daunting to some, but I am a firm believer that therapy can be of great benefit to many people. If you are interested in the possibility of therapy, I can offer an initial consultation, which will be an opportunity for us to meet together, for me to get to know you and gain an understanding of your difficulties. The initial consultation allows us both to get a good sense of whether we can work together, and if so, think together about what would be a helpful way forward for you. I use different therapeutic models in my work, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy. A part of the initial consultation will be for us to think together about what approach might be most helpful the most helpful way forward for you.